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Quaestor Technologies

Full-Stack Software Engineer (part-time, contractor)
01/21 - 06/21

Worked for 24 hours per week at a San Francisco based seed-stage startup.

San Francisco
Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer
05/20 - 08/20
Team Lead / Software Engineer II
08/19 - 05/20
Software Engineer II
11/18 - 08/19

Software Engineer for an consumer-facing grocery shopping and delivery application based in San Francisco.

As team lead I was responsible for leading a team of 8 engineers to complete our app, which was completely built from scratch. It launched in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic panic buying. Our primary customer was a large regional supermarket chain.

05/18 - current

Developing an automated passive-income football analytical engine. The ambition is to develop an API that can be accessed by football websites to provide up to date transfer rumours.

San Francisco
Mobile Developer
09/17 - 05/18
Front-End Web Developer
02/17 - 09/17

Developed Shipt’s front end through its Android, iOS and Web applications. Was their first web developer where I helped build their React web app. Shipt was bought by Target for $550m in Dec 2017. Switched team where I would help build their primary product - a mobile app used by millions.

Full Stack Web Development Teaching Assistant (part-time)
07/17 - 01/18

Provided academic support to students. The full stack development course teaches common front-end languages in addition to Node, Python, Django, React, React Native, Ruby and Java.

Gobitech AS

Palo Alto
Full Stack Web Developer
09/16 - 12/16

Created JavaScript apps at a seed stage tech startup developing a consumer-facing social media app called Gobi. Made an admin interface and a feed for snaps written with Node, Redis and WebSockets.

Goldman Sachs

Technology Analyst
06/15 - 08/15

Worked as a Java developer with the Fixed Income technology team, writing the back-end of key bond/insurance products and front-end web products.


University of Warwick

Discrete Mathematics BSc (Hons) - 2:1
2013 - 2016

i.e. "Computer Science & Mathematics"

Blundell's School

A Levels: A*A*A


Experience with leading a team both as a manager and a primary code contributor. My project management style is not strictly structured and adapts to fit the team and situation. Strong at resolving conflicts and maintaining a happy, confident and productive engineering team.

Technical experience with:
JavaScript (ES6, ES7 via Babel), React, Next.js, GraphQL, Apollo, Rust, React Native, Node, UX/UI Design, Jest, Express.js, OpenGL, Express.js, JSON, Git, MacOS, Linux, Java, Python, Docker, SQL, Dart, Flutter, Ionic, WASM, Haskell, C, AWS, MATLAB