Developed a computational engine to predict the likelihood of high-profile football players ending up at different clubs after a transfer window. Probabilities are generated dynamically without needing regular input.

The application is developed with React, Next.js and Node.

Giant Eagle

While working for Hatched Labs, I was the lead developer of a front-end team of 8 which produced an online grocery shopping experience for a large regional client.

The application was developed using React, GraphQL (w/ Relay, Apollo), and used a functional CSS library that was open sourced.

We built everything from scratch and as such were able to use many modern tools.


Built a web app for a client that lists out the wealthiest people in Norway.

In Norway income, wealth and tax data is publicly available - which acts in part as a social deterrent against tax avoidance, particularly with wealthy people.


Helped maintain Shipt's original web app (using Angular), before helping to build the replacement in React. Also helped build the mobile apps using Angular and Ionic.

Barcode Maker

This is a KaiOS app. I wanted to create an app that would give those without the means to buy expensive technology a way of using what they had to innovate.

Barcodes can be used to represent different products, crypto wallets and email addresses, amongst other things. As KaiOS also has a barcode scanner app this can be used to share small amounts of data between devices without requiring a conventional network.


I'm a big proponent of effective altruism. For people who hear stories about how charities donations can sometimes be inefficient, this can be enough to convince them to not give when they otherwise might.

Often people are shocked to find out how cheap it can be to reliably make the ultimate difference and save peoples' lives in developing regions; this app serves to calculate how many lives you could expect to save with a donations of different sizes.

The Boar

Developed the website for my student newspaper in 2015 and it's still going strong!

It was nominated for and won awards for its design.