Why are your prices per minute and not per hour?

Multiple reasons:

  1. To prevent concerns about whether 70 minutes of work is charged at 1x or 2x the hourly rate
  2. I don't want to charge for time I'm not actually working on your project
  3. Some sneaky past clients have been known to exploit the grey-area of whether an extra 50 minutes of "finishing touches" at the end of a 2 hour project constitutes an extra hour 😅

Can you build me a website with PHP or .NET?

No. There are thousands of developers with a better experience of those technologies, and no doubt one of them offers better value during the development cycle.

The cheapest (viable) PHP servers cost about $5 a month, though this doesn't typically get you dedicated hardware, but puts you on a shared device. For most medium size projects you will see a monthly bill of around $20 to $40 for a server that gives adequate performance.

For most people, my solution will cost $0 a month, and at absolute worst, will cost $5 a month.

How can I trust you?

The worst thing about pricing by time is that the customer has no way to ascertain that the time is being spent efficiently and effectively.

I do two things to promote trust:

1) Optional lock-in pricing

If you would like to lock in a price in advance, then we'll need to define exactly (in some written form) what you'd like in advance, as without this it is impossible to give a reliable estimate.

The more uncertain I am about the scale of the project, the more I have to err on the side of overestimating, so it's within your interest to spend a little extra time in advance working out exactly what you're looking for. Useful starting points for this are to list out all of the pages you're expecting, and what components will be needed on each page.

I've found that this process often ends up with a worse result as I cannot work on things that were not included in the initial request, and things can get lost in translation* from the brief.

However, upon completion of the initial request I am always happy to work with you on any finishing touches you might like on the per minute pricing model.

* Note that all time that was spent to resolve a miscommunication or lack of clarity from the brief - is considered billable time - though I don't charge it when it's something I could have reasonably been expected to avoid. Please be as clear and complete as you can in your brief to help prevent this extremely awkward situation!

2) A live video feed

I am able to jump on a video call and share my screen throughout so you can see exactly how the magic happens! This is great for people who want to make sure they're getting exactly what they want, or know why certain things are the way they are as they're happening. And maybe you'll learn some dev skills on the way?

Trust is easier to give when it's based on observation rather than blind faith, and I'm happy to let anyone see and participate in the process!

Alternatively - of course - you could leave me to it if you like! I've found that especially in the first hour or two of development, having the customers' eyes on things makes everything quicker and cheaper!

How can you trust me?

I ask all clients to pay the price of the minimum development time in advance.

What's the process like?

We'll have a 10 minute consultation where we discuss the scope of the project, and your aims for it. If all parties are happy to proceed, I'll give you a short form to fill out to make sure the development process goes smoothly. We'll also work out a convenient method for payment, and I will send you an invoice for the minimum development time and a signed contract awaiting a second signature.

If you'd like to watch the development on a video call then let me know a few times that fit your schedule in the form. I'll pick out a time and send you a link to the video call.

Assuming the minimum development time payment, and I have received all the has been received by the scheduled start time, we'll jump on the call and get going!

Once I get going, there will be a clock in the corner to keep track of time. Upon completion a second invoice with the remaining billable time minus the minimum development time will be given. Upon receipt of the second payment, any necessary keys and credentials are handed over, with a basic how-to for any maintenance you might need to do.

Even after payment, I maintain a liability to fix any bugs in code that went previously unnoticed. Bugs introduced after completion, such as those arising from user error are not included in this liability. Bugs are not features - if you'd like me to perform additive work (i.e. adding features) - this requires a new agreement.

Where do I sign up?

Get in touch!

I don't bite 🧛