House in London


What precisely is this?

A map that shows great areas in London to live using recent data.

How are you measuring "great"?

The three main factors considered are commute time, safety and price.

Approximating an area's price per floor area is possible; and in an earlier version of the analysis, I made a tool to calculate it by cross referencing sale data with EPC certificate data.

Alas, that tool is too slow to be used as part of an interactive web tool, so affordability is not factored in at all.

For the purpose of this map, safety is calculated by counting the numbers of crimes in an area - and adjacent areas - over the last 3 years.

Calculating commute times for the whole of London to every possible job location can't be reasonably achieved in an interactive map, as it takes a few hours to calculate a commute time map to a specific point.

Instead, an approximation of London's centre was chosen to avoid favouring any particular individual method of getting there. The exact measurement used on the interactive map is: duration of the fastest commute (excl. bikes and cars), arriving at (51.513878,-0.135156) at or before 9am on a strike free day. Calculation includes newer transport options, including the Elizabeth line.

With this data, the percentiles were then calculated for each metric. The score of an area was determined as the minimum of the two percentiles.