100 Days of Recruiters (US Edition)

Like many software engineers, my inboxes are full of spam from recruiters. During these 100 days, my LinkedIn status was 'Closed to Opportunities'.

Here's the highlights from the last 100 days.

Click here for the newer (UK-based) version

There were 66 total messages
(compared to 300 in the UK edition)

Here is how they contacted me:


At first, I tried to count the occurrences of specific buzzwords... but there were just too many to choose from. Instead, I gave each message a Score™ .

In-House Recruiters

23% of the recruiters were in-house recruiters, the rest were external recruiters.

Of the 51 external recruiters, only 25% were upfront with the company they were hiring for.

Copy Paste

Only 1 recruiter actually looked at this website... which is a shame as web development is my job!

Silliest Quotes

There was flattery...

Hey There Rock Star
It's like finding a unicorn in the wild!

...and sympathy...

Hi Tom,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy currently.
Hey Tom,

Good Morning!
I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and prospering.

Some really sold their socks off

incredible perks
Indigo was #3 on CNBC’s 2020 Top Disruptor List

Others were seemingly looking to hire a murderer

Killer background
terrific opportunity for aggressive career advancement

And some didn't do their homework

I know you are with a great organization
i have a react js developer and location CA, client looking for 10+years


Finally, here are the companies that were named:

Amazon (twice) Apple Beachbody Vinli Spiff Copy.AI Rocket Loans Bevy Graphiant Ticketmaster ZURB EPAM Adobe Collibra Postscript.io Reggora Thirty Madison Walmart Checkr Virtasant Bank of America Northwestern Mutual HIMSS IndigoAg FastRadius AlphaSights Metaview