The worst news article ever?

Tom Golden
Tom Golden

The BBC published a pointless article designed to trigger. Clearly it worked and I sent a formal complaint.

The article they posted that caused me to write a complaint was this one:

Bodyguard 'airbrushing reality' with powerful women portrayal

Counter-productive doom-and-gloom article

If I'm a male actor, I'm annoyed at the repeated emphasis on this topic.

If I'm a female actor, I'm annoyed as in a field where there are more male roles than female roles and more female actors than male actors, my chances aren't being helped.

If I'm a woman, I'm seeing our attempt at equality be pushed back in a field where it quite obviously is unfair.

If I'm a man, I'm confused as to why I'm asked to support affirmative action towards improving women's career opportunities then watch it be undermined.

If I'm a cynic, I might imagine the BBC just wants to draw attention to its own series through the medium of biased journalism on a non-story.

I could go on for quite a while with this "If I'm X" stuff, which makes me wonder... who is this article for? The only person who might find this article interesting is a young girl who probably doesn't need reminding or even to know in the first place that the odds haven't always been with them. It has been long suggested on the BBC and other media that making people aware that they're not supposed to succeed at something doesn't, on mass, help them.

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