The dangers of a free, open and accessible universal education platform

Tom Golden
Tom Golden

Its purpose is not to liberate. Its purpose is conformity, and compliance.

That's not exclusively a bad thing. But plenty of times in history, and recent history, it has been bad. I am frequently shocked by how quick some folks are to accept tribalism as a necessary evil.

I don't believe it is. There is nothing necessary about chemical weapons in Syria; never mind that they were, to all accounts, used by the Syrian government.

The root cause of tribalism is knowing that there are tribes. A government run education platform's purpose is to serve the government. That means to develop the people as resources, minimise the risk of being overthrown and encourage support for the government's tribe. That tribe is the country you are born into, or the political party, or the government ideology.

Education is the cause of tribalism. But it is also the means to stop it.

Future education model

In the near future, I will look to develop an open learning experience for children, that can be played on a mobile phone. Others exist, but are more concerned with examinable education rather than a complete education.

A few values that it might encourage:

  • Encouraging scientific method over speculation
  • A basis in logic, and fallacy
  • Looking at problems in a global sense

A few ideas:

  • For yes or no questions, asking them to quantify how sure they are
  • a single currency (fictional currency ?)
  • a single language (fictional language ?)
  • What does it mean to be human? What is society?
  • Teaching the principle of information
  • Statistics
  • Cognitive bias
  • Constructed, gradual learning frameworks (like MMIX)

Emoji ethics

The way an emoji appears is critical to its interpretation.

So your data has been leaked. Now what?

Do nothing and it's a matter of time before things disappear; this handy guide should help!