An unexpected journey

Tom Golden
Tom Golden

I have a very happy, comfortable and fulfilling life! 🎉 But it wasn't always so...

I was born in London and moved to North Devon when I was 4. I had a very unusual education - on the surface very good, a private boarding school - in practice, I was there on a bursary and at home we relied on food banks for food. I was constantly bullied for being poor. My parents argued more often than not - my mother a sociopath - my father an optimist, blind to reality. They would separate and divorce after I moved to university.

It was a tough childhood.

In 2013, I went to Warwick to get a Computer Science and Mathematics degree. This degree would provide me with the skills to pay the bills. By the time I graduated, the scars from my childhood had mostly healed.

I emigrated to Silicon Valley. There is little in common with the way of life in England, and the way of life in California. It was a huge culture shock. I probably wouldn't have moved immediately to the US - but if I waited until I was 21 to apply, I would have had to join an 8-year waiting list. I took the gamble.

It would take me 9 months to find a job as a software engineer, for a company called Shipt, which had an office in San Francisco. During these 9 months I was living off the cheapest food available, doing unpaid internships, sleeping on bunk beds and floors. Needless to say, getting this job completely changed my life.

In the few years since, I've got promoted a couple of times, most recently to Senior Software Engineer at Hatched Labs - where I bossed around a front-end team of eight responsible for building the online grocery web app for supermarket chain Giant Eagle.

Most recently, in 2019, I moved to Alabama, to live with my partner, Natalie. This is the last place on Earth I thought I would ever live - but here I am.

Now I mostly just sit and think all day. This blog exists to allow me to pretend that I'm doing something constructive 😜

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