Human Text Interaction

The most ignored area of computer science

Don't use CSS minifiers with SASS

CSS minifier/compressor benchmarks and the cold-hearted reality

Reading every word on Wikipedia using Node.js

Making Node do exactly what it wasn't designed for (and do it well)

Sometimes flex-direction: row is better for columns

No clickbait subtitle will ever get you to read this

Reactive type-safe persistence

A little idea I had

Is it worth it to precompile your TypeScript Node.js code?

Benchmarks included for ts-node, tsc, webpack and rollup.

Emoji ethics

The way an emoji appears is critical to its interpretation.

So your data has been leaked. Now what?

A non-technical handy guide to prevent your money and identity leaking!

The HTML button tag is a mess

It doesn't work as a button

The distribution of popular app names by first letter

I recently acquired a list of the current top 1100 apps on the iOS App Store.

UK mathematics education is a sh*tstorm

Here's how to fix it

Effective altruism

If you're serious about helping others, you should consider effective altruism.