What the UK needs

My take on where British society lies

Human Text Interaction

The most ignored area of computer science

The Dotfile Law

Developers aspirations for efficiency

Don't use CSS minifiers with SASS

CSS minifier/compressor benchmarks and the cold-hearted reality

Reading every word on Wikipedia using Node.js

Making Node do exactly what it wasn't designed for (and do it well)

I'm switching back to Linux

Does this mean I'm part of the PC Master Race?

Sometimes flex-direction: row is better for columns

No clickbait subtitle will ever get you to read this

Reactive type-safe persistence

A little idea I had

Is it worth it to precompile your TypeScript Node.js code?

Benchmarks included for ts-node, tsc, webpack and rollup.

Emoji ethics

The way an emoji appears is critical to its interpretation.

So your data has been leaked. Now what?

Do nothing and it's a matter of time before things disappear; this handy guide should help!

I appeared on a podcast

Perhaps I said things I shouldn't have

The HTML button tag is a mess

It doesn't work as a button

The distribution of popular app names by first letter

I recently acquired a list of the current top 1100 apps on the iOS App Store.

The curiosity of secondary school mathematics education

Right, but what exactly is mathematics?

Effective altruism

If you're serious about helping others, you should consider effective altruism.