Hey! My name's Tom.

I must inform you that I conform strongly to the 10 pillars of the 'British Tom' stereotype. You may prefer to read in a British Tom voice of your choosing.

You shall find that I:

  • appreciate a very witty joke
  • am low-key a social justice warrior
  • can make you a website if you pay me
  • say sorry when it's your fault
  • listen to plenty of electronic music
  • like pacifism, but wouldn't fight for it
  • love football, and get triggered when people say soccer
  • have like 3 things I'm brave enough to eat
  • did not vote for Brexit, but my grandmother did
  • will take you up on that offer of tea and biscuits

Though, on some rare occasions I do exhibit some individualism.

I actually turned those HTML5 skillz into a career as a Senior Front-End Software Engineer. Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris - Dance Wiv Me is the song I shout "TUNE" to. In 2016, I moved to San Francisco (migrating under a technicality). In 2019, I moved from one extreme of America (SF Bay Area) to the opposite extreme (Alabama).

I moved here to live with my partner, Natalie. She gets upset when I suggest that she's a Karen.

I'm genuinely passionate about creating things that deliver "social good" (open source, effective altruism, reducing inequality).

In my downtime, I'll watch and play football (Chelsea), tennis and golf. Also, despite my pacifist ways, I enjoy murdering folks rekking noobs playing Call of Duty.

I'm big on quitting things it seems; in 2018 I quit Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and my 2020 New Years Resolution was to stop eating beef and pork.

If you want to reach out (and you're not a deluded Arsenal or Tottenham fan), my username on everything (Twitter, Github, Telegram) is tbjgolden.